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Aviatica Group branding by Colossal

Aviatica Group Branding

GPTA Branding by Colossal Motion

GPTA Branding

Colossals Equibix branding portfolio

Equibix Branding

StratStep Group Branding Portfolio

StratStep Group Branding

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Brand Design by Colossal Motion

Brand Design

For businesses, products and personal branding

Stand out from the crowd

Developing your brand narrative is the single most important factor for your success. Websites, apps, books, adverts, social media graphics, letterheads, business cards, whatever you’re doing, it has to be done with a modicum of understanding of how, why, when, and who.


We are branding phenoms, and have worked with some of the worlds most prestigious organisations in developing logos, brand guidelines, brand strategy, typography, colour palettes and overarching brand delivery. 


We build brands from the ground up, at both local and international level. We’ve created brand pivots, aided in the development of localised brand awareness, and consulted on a variety of product and business brand projects.


We’re a collective of brand champions, offering up expertise in design, user experience, perception, industry trends, psychological and sociological input. Together we deliver an unmatched branding service for your business, regardless of size or scope, driving home the narrative of what you do.

1. Logo Design

Your logo is more than just a shape, it's your 'one second identity'. It needs to punch well above its weight, it must be intrinsically linked to what you do, but at the same time be expansive and readily adaptable.

2. Colours

Colour choice is all about perception. Ever wondered why certain businesses or sectors stick to rigid colour palettes? That's because they work. However, we're not afraid to rock the boat here, and do something vastly different from the completion.

3. Fonts

You'd be forgiven for overlooking this in your brand guidelines, but it is integral to your brands overall look and feel. Choosing a font (or two) and sticking with it creates order, uniformity of message and an instantly recognisable style.

4. Guidelines

Once you've got all your brand assets you need to tell people how to use them. From text spacing and weight, to logo positioning, breathing room and brand do's and don'ts, this is your bible for all things to do with your brand.

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