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Get creative with Colossal Moton

Lets Get Creative

Inform your customers and build trust between them and your brand effortlessly through inspirational content writinggraphic design, video, animation and photography. Be proud of your brands' story, a narrative that leaves people wanting more, always.

Brand Development

Let’s get serious. Developing your brand correctly in your businesses narrative is the single most important factor for your brands success. Websites, apps, books, adverts, social media graphics, letterheads, business cards, whatever you’re doing, it has to be done with a modicum of understanding of how, why, when, and who.


We are branding phenoms, and have worked with some of the worlds most prestigious organisations in logo design, brand guidelines, brand strategy, typography, colour palettes and overarching brand delivery. 


We build brands from the ground up, at both local and international level. We’ve created brand pivots, aided in the development of localised brand awareness, and consulted on a variety of product and business brand projects.


We’re a collective of brand champions, offering up expertise in design,  user experience, perception, industry trends, psychology and sociological input. Together we deliver an unmatched branding service for your business, regardless of size or scope, and really drive home the narrative of what you do.

Serious about brand development
Print Design

We offer powerful print media design across print brochures, adverts, marketing collateral, business and educational stationery, and more. We’re dab hands in graphic design, formatting, typography, layout and media design, and we love nothing more than seeing the finished product in print, perfectly delivered.


Print design can vary in scope, but it’s always about an eye for details, powerful visual design and user flow. Small projects include business cards, business stationery, letterheads and leaflets, while larger projects we’ve handled range from educational textbooks, glossy brochures, billboard advertisements and complete sales collateral.


Our team are designers at heart, and many hold a bachelors or masters in design-related disciplines. We love working on design projects and incorporating design into our other areas of work. We’ve delivered projects for clients all over the world, and you can often find designs created by the Colossal team in a variety of sectors such as aviation, education, retail, equine and video games.

Powerful print designs
Digital Design

We offer cutting edge digital media design across digital brochures, digital adverts, interactive marketing collateral, and more. We love digital design, formatting, typography, layout and digital media design, and we love nothing more than seeing the finished product placed perfectly online and on screens.


Digital design is varied, but it’s always about precise details, powerful visual design and interactivity. Small projects include social media adverts, banner adverts, digital flyers and graphical assets, while larger projects we’ve handled range from interactive textbooks, interactive advertisements, eBooks, presentations and interactive stories.


Our team are designers at heart, and many hold a bachelors or masters in design related disciplines. We love working on design projects, and incorporating design into our other areas of work. We’ve delivered projects for clients all over the world, and you can often find designs created by the Colossal team in a variety of sectors such as aviation, education, retail, equine and video games.

Cutting edge digital design
Content Writing

Content is King. It’s an overused phrase, but it’s also completely accurate. You can’t have social media game if you don’t have content and that’s where we come in. We empower your social media channels, blogs, news sections and brand messaging, delivering strong written and graphic content to push your businesses sales and marketing output to the next level.


Creating content is an amalgamation of many marketing tasks, namely digital design, social media management, copywriting and strategy. It’s about developing something that engages with your target audience, and then keeps them engaged time after time.


Our team are content champions, and we know how to deliver engaging content to audiences in many sectors. We dive deep into your businesses goals, tone of voice, and even your competitors, and then develop a content schedule to push your brand. It’s an ongoing job to keep your content fresh, and consent writing forms part of the wider marketing strategy for your businesses digital presence.

Content writing
Writing & Editing

What’s your story? How would you tell it? Your brand needs a narrative, it’s essential to tell that story. Use our wordsmiths for your books, eBooks, brochures, prospectuses, proofreading, editing, case studies, technical writing, web and social content and long-form articles.


We write words that dance off the page and flow across the screen. Our team know a thing or two about delivering well written copy, and have worked on projects of varying size over the years. We write press releases, articles, white papers, educational content and narrative documents for clients in many different sectors.


What’s more, we’re editors, proofreaders and creative thinkers. We handle copy implementation, translations, asset localisation and text proofing for any and all text. We make sure that your copy is on point, relevant, locally engaging and has narrative clout.


Words written by the Colossal team have been read by millions of people around the world, across print media, books, social media, websites and digital media.

Your story with writing & editing

You know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and that saying is as true now as it has ever been. Powerful imagery is what sets most brands apart and engages audiences.


Photography, and how you use it, forms part of your brands identity. Whether it’s candid snaps of your work environment, fashion shoots, corporate headshots, on-location shoots, or even event photography, it all forms part of your business and how it is perceived.


Getting the right photography in place is important, and our team take you through the entire process, from start to finish. We’ll talk to you about your ideas and goals for the photoshoot, we’ll help you create your shot lists, set up everything, take the photos, edit them and finally deliver a stunning set of images for you to use freely.


Our team love getting involved in photography, particularly when it forms part of a larger project such as social media and marketing campaigns, website design or advertising. We’re dab hands with our cameras, and we work with all sorts of cutting edge gear to ensure our photography services are next level.

Photography with Colossal Motion
Filming & Editing

Looking to generate engaging and professional content? Look no further, video is for you!


We offer a range of filming and editing services for a variety of uses, including social media videos, intros, video advertising, event filming, documentaries, website content, podcast video, corporate, animations and graphics. There really is no limit to what we can do for you.


The colossal team are rich story tellers when it comes to video production, filming and editing. We pride ourselves on delivering your narrative, in whatever medium works for you, using modern equipment and advanced editing techniques and software.


Our skills are born from working in a range of industries, such as video games, streaming services, veterinary and aviation, with each having unique filming requirements. Our team have worked on productions in collaboration with CBBC, BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as a host of professional and independent projects for a huge range of clients.

Filming & Editing with Colossal Motion
Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials

Our clients are our priority, whether you're an Indie brand, local charity, or international business.


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We're a team with experience from a massive range of industries and sectors. We're a friendly bunch too.


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