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Creative Writing

Powerful narrative. Written by us, for you.

What’s your story? How would you tell it? Your brand needs a narrative, it’s essential to tell that story. Our wordsmiths cover a plethora of writing services such as for books, eBooks, brochures, prospectuses, proofreading, editing, case studies, technical writing, web and social content and long-form articles.

Website & Social Copy

These are the words that hold weight to not just your users, but to search engines as well. It needs to read well, but also be searchable too.

Articles & Blogs

Whether it's positioning yourselves as thought leaders, communicating trends or delivering essential information, we've got you covered.

Sales & Marketing Collateral

The type of writing that makes you want to buy or explore further from brochures, guides, adverts, business cards or social campaigns.

Creative Writing & Editing

Write without fear, edit without mercy. We write all kinds of creative content, and we act as that all important second set of eyes too.

Go on, have a read...

Take a look at the selection of written pieces we've created below. From our work in aviation through to online retail, marketing and beyond. We've created pieces of all shapes and sizes.

Article written by Colssal
Articles by Colossal Motion
Colossal Motions articles
Written by Colossal Motion
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