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Lets get digital with your story

Lets Get Digital

Your digital presence is your platform from which to showcase your story, designed by us, but told by you. Through full-scale website design, app development and social media management, we deliver unrivalled user experiences for your customers.

Website Design

Through full-scale website design we deliver unrivalled user experiences for your customers, and create bespoke platforms that fit seamlessly into your brand.


Websites don’t need to cost the earth, but at the same time, you need it done right the first time. We offer a collaborative approach to website design and work with you every step of the way to ensure we are building something you can be proud of.


We’ve built e-commerce websites, membership platforms, blogs and forums, alongside responsive websites for consultancies, education providers, aviation businesses, local services, travel and even sport.


Websites, at their core, are forms of expression for your business. They need to inform and delight in equal measure, and we’re experts in delivering this for you. The Colossal team have delivered a staggering amount of websites, each treasured by their owners and a powerful tool for them to use to promote what they do.

Deliver unrivalled website design
App Development

Native app development, from simple file systems and mapping platforms to learning management systems, e-commerce and mobile games, we can make your next app a reality. The only real limit is your imagination and ideas, but even then we can transform even the simplest of thoughts into a fully responsive and bespoke app, just for you.


We’ve developed a range of bespoke applications across iOS, Android and web for many clients in many different sectors. We’ve created bespoke industry maps with rich data sets, simple booking apps in the travel industry, and entire membership and member management platforms for educational organisations.


Our team contains developers that have worked on some massive projects over the years, both through Colossal and prior. We make one thing clear, it’s your app, your product, and we aim to deliver something that you can really be proud of and use to maximum effect. We’re a group of forward-thinking, technical creatives that are passionate about creating your perfect app.

Native app development
Social Media

No social media? No future business...


That might sound like rubbish, but in this day and age, regardless of your service type or industry, social media is essential for the public face of your business. Social media is a tool and used correctly it can be an integral part of your marketing machine.


We’re adept at social media management, and we take the stress out of what to post, when to post it, and how to create engaging posts that portray your business as a leader in your field. We take your and brand and make it human, using social channels to get the attention of those that you want to do business with, while building your reputation as open, honest and experienced.


We think of ourselves as experts in social media management. We handle the social profiles of a prolific amount of clients, and we use the data we learn from each to benefit the others. Our team have many years at the helm managing social communities and creating engaging social content that really drives home the narrative of the business.

Social media for your future business

Advertising has changed over the years and continues to change at a rate often overlooked by most. You can advertise locally or globally, but where do you want to advertise, and is it the right move for you?


Newspapers, magazines, eZines, trade shows, social media, billboards, television, sports hoardings, trade websites, forums, the list goes on. There are a plethora of advertising options out there these days and it’s our job to tell you what will work best for your business, design the adverts, place them and report on their effectiveness.


Traditional advertising has seen something of a resurgence in recent years, in no small part to GDPR and the pseudo-discussions on individual privacy. That being said, digital advertising is where the greatest ROI is.


We’re experts at ad placement on social media, and have relationships with a huge amount of industry-specific media organisations. We can facilitate and maximise the affects of small advertising budgets as well as national advertising campaigns, and negotiate better rates with advert placements, with trade shows and publications.

Colossal motion advertising
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