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Exhibition Services

The art of events, expos and exhibitions

Colossal Offers Exhibition Services

Our exhibition services go far beyond simple stand design. We’re your complete solution for any trade show, exhibition or expo, anywhere in the world, in pretty much any industry.


Exhibitions are the lifeblood of many businesses, with many relying on them for networking, sales, education, marketing and brand awareness. That’s why we offer a service that takes the stress out of being there and just lets you ‘be’ there to do what you need to do.


We handle everything, including stand design, collateral design, freebies and give-aways, pre and post event logistics, event marketing, stand manning, stand set-up, staff sales training, breakdown and anything else you need in the lead up to or during the event.


Our team have been doing this for years, and we’ve experienced many exhibitions and trade shows in every corner of the world. We’ve sent the British pub to San Francisco and Seoul, we’ve taken American helicopter pilot training across Europe, and even handled the delivery and execution of clients’ stands in Sydney, Tokyo, Dubai, Barcelona, Dallas and Vancouver.

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