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Sectors we work in

We have extensive experience across multiple sectors including aviation, retail & e-commerce, e-learning, education, video games, streaming services, equine, veterinary, the sciences and local businesses and services.


Aviation marketing is a staple for the Colossal team. We’ve been working with a variety of aviation focused businesses for many years, and prior to the formation of Colossal Motion many of us worked for, or with, aviation businesses in-house.


We work with a range of businesses, from helicopter and private jet charters, to aviation consultants, military contractors and commercial airlines. Our experience in this sector, for a creative and expansive thinking collective like Colossal, is unrivalled.


We’re highly experienced at developing marketing strategies, deploying effective marcoms and press, and delivering powerful designs that work for aviation businesses. Our unique perspective comes from a marrying of both experienced aviation managers and expert marketing professionals that both have specific aviation marketing and sales knowledge.

Flight Schools

As a collective, we have been working in the flight training space for longer than any other industry, with the sum of our pooled knowledge exceeding 50 years. Our wider team consists of aviation marketing professionals, sales leaders, airline pilots, helicopter pilots, instructors and aviation managers, but at its core is the Colossal team that have worked with flight schools all over the world.


Our clientele in this sector is a mixture of flight schools across the UK, Europe, US and South America. Each training provider has its own unique challenges, and how they operate can be vastly different from each other.


We’re highly experienced at developing marketing strategies that work for flight schools. Our unique perspective comes from a marrying of both experienced pilots and expert marketing professionals that both have specific flight training marketing knowledge.

Education &

The range of clients we work with within this sector is broad, and when coupled with previous experience ranges from local playgroups and schools, through to e-learning platforms, language learning providers and sports education facilities.

Having worked with e-learning and education businesses for many years, even before the founding of Colossal Motion, we have an innate knowledge of how to deliver tangible and effective services to business in this space.


We’ve worked on projects as large as the entire digitisation of a syllabus and complete subject textbook creation, but also on projects as small as the creation of revision resources, logos and student head shots. We’ve even contributed to marketing courses as industry experts and offered our insights for free to those looking to pursue a career in marketing and other creative industries.

Retail & Ecommerce

For many years we’ve worked with retail and e-commerce businesses across the world. With e-commerce becoming ever more prevalent in the world elements of this sector can be found across a broad range of other sectors as well.

We work with a number of businesses in this space, including a variety of independent fashion brands and online retailers in the UK, Europe and Australia. The foundations of a successful retail business, whether online or in a physical location, is the personal touch offered by those brands to its customers and we know a thing or two about designing sales positive and personal retail experiences.


As a team we’ve been involved in retail and e-commerce even before the days of Colossal Motion. Many of the team held roles in marketing, merchandising, sales and purchasing, as well as management, before becoming part of the Colossal family. Whether you’re a local produce retailer, indie fashion brand, or a large national e-commerce store we can help you grow.

Local Businesses

Local businesses are the lifeblood of our communities, but they often lack the collective might to challenge multi-national chains. That’s where we come in, by promoting the unique qualities and community contributions of local businesses.

We’ve been working locally for as long as we have been able to, using our collective knowledge to benefit our local area in supporting the businesses that keep our communities thriving. Local businesses have a unique set of challenges outside of national or international competition, but it has never been more desirable to shop local than it is today.


We help local businesses such as local shops, hair and beauty salons, playgroups, schools, trades people, house builders, cafés and restaurants with a range of services delivered at local rates. Supporting our community is important to us and we play our part in ensuring that it thrives for the benefit of everyone.

Equine & Veterinary

Our experience across equine and veterinary is unmatched by other marketing agencies. We’ve been in this space for a long time and have worked with world-renowned equine and veterinary practices, as well as world-leading science groups.

Businesses in these sectors take marketing elements from many different industries and can be both local and international with their services at any one time. A truly unique area to work in for marketing.


We’ve seen the whole space, from small veterinary practices and yards, to large equine hospitals and animal research laboratories. From local business to internationally recognised experts, that’s the story of a great veterinary practice, and it’s a story that we’re all to familiar with telling.

Video Games & Streaming

While it’s all seen as fun and games, what we do is far deeper than the excitement on the surface. Professionally we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world across streaming and video games, and have worked on earth-shattering IP that gained critical acclaim and awards.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a marketing agency with the variety of experience that we have, and in particular that has worked in video games and streaming services for many years.


Before Colossal Motion was formed, members of our team had intimate experience in the video games industry, having worked on games such as the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, Words with Friends, Star Wars Battlefront, No Mans Sky and Dawn of War 3.


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