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We are Colossal

Kieron Baker at Colossal

Kieron Baker

Founder & Creative Director

Kieron's knowledge of marketing, digital and creative services was born from a plethora of sectors in which he has lead teams from zero budget guerilla marketing through to multi-million-pound marketing budgets. With hands-on experience in aviation, veterinary sciences, video games and technology, Kieron has worked with some of the worlds most well-known brands and industry leaders.

Jasmine Hughes at Colossal

Jasmine Hughes

Marketing & Content Executive

Jas is a digital creative and loves to innovate exciting marketing campaigns and solutions that engage audiences around the world. Since graduating in Media Production, Jas has led numerous social media, digital, print and exhibition projects across a variety of sectors including science, technology, education, medical and food & beverage.

Hope Collingbourne at Colossal

Hope Collingbourne

Marketing Assistant

Hope has extensive experience in social media and content proofing and has managed a variety of projects for clients in a range of sectors. With experience in education & childcare, animal management and fashion, Hope has a unique detail-oriented skill set ideally suited to the fast-paced and highly creative services offered by Colossal.

James Cartlidge at Colossal

James Cartlidge

Content Specialist

A skilled creative and passionate Community Manager, with years of video game and new-technology industry experience, James knows how to engage customers and develop them into audiences and communities. With experience working within the UK Civil Service, independent businesses and large well-known brands, James is a perfect fit for the Colossal Motion family.

Krystof Zaslona at Colossal

Krystof Zaslona

Marketing Assistant

A passionate pilot and aviation lover, Krystof has a breadth of experience in client-facing roles. Having worked for three leading UK airlines, coupled with extensive knowledge of the aviation training industry, he has a keenness to learn and to pass his accumulated knowledge onto others. Commitment, honesty, and loyalty are key principles Krystof lives by.

Thomas Saunders at Colossa

Thomas Saunders

Development Assistant

Bio coming soon!

Team at Colossal Motion

We are Colossal

Team probably isn’t the word, we’re more like a family, a pencil wielding, keyboard tapping, camera pointing family fuelled only by coffee of course!

The Team

We’re not just employees, we’re a collective of designers, thinkers and doers. Everyone at Colossal contributes to our collective machine and ideas are shared freely. Whether Director, Manager, Coordinator, Executive or Assistant, each is valued and gives their all to what we do. We’re not afraid of fresh perspectives or bold new ideas.


The one thing that really defines us is our varied experience, both in life and professionally. Our family has seen the world and worked in every corner of it. We’ve worked on ground-breaking IP, organised phenomenal international exhibitions, coordinated with businesses and clients in multiple time zones and created designs seen by millions.


Each member of our team is creative, international, scholared or worldly, but together we are Colossal.

Employees at Colossal
Designers at Colossal
Colossal Motion Team
The Colossal Ethos

As a company we’ve not been around that long, but collectively, we have an age of experience working in marketing and creative fields across a variety of sectors.


We’ve worked in video games, SVOD, aviation, veterinary, education and retail for some of the worlds most prestigious companies. Now, we work for ourselves, passing on our experience and knowledge to clients both local and global.


We’re passionate about local business just as much as we are about our global clients. Every one of our clients receives the same attention and expertise as the other regardless of size, stature, goals or budget.


For us it’s about being there, as a human, not as an email address or a profile picture. Our ethos is to be passionate about our work, to strive for perfection, to be knowledgeable, and to seek knowledge for the betterment of ourselves and our clients.


You do you, we’ll do everything else...

The Colossal Ethos
Colossal Motion's Ethos
Passionate ethos for colossal

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