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 Colossal Motion 

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Digital, Creative & Marketing Solutions


Solutions that work, save you time, and above all deliver growth.


The story of your brand, in every detail, designed by us, but told by you.


Fuel your audience with the power of words, social stories and epic videos.


Digital, creative and marketing strategy that puts you ahead of the curve.

About Colossal Motion


From a nurtured thought that grew into what it is today, Colossal Motion provides bespoke and specialist digital, creative and marketing solutions across a range of industries. Our experience comes from working in aviation and aerospace, veterinary, oil and gas, e-learning, video games and SVOD. We are a truly diverse global company with clients all over the world, particularly across Europe and North America.

We deliver progress for our clients, bringing our passion into creating a prosperous business. We like to keep things simple and honest, with none of that 'grain' or 'white noise' some big agencies can be guilty of bringing to the table. Our solutions are clear and direct, and we're always on hand if you need to talk to us.​


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